SharePoint guest access – linking a Microsoft account

When accessing a SharePoint site, people with non-Microsoft accounts can follow a process using a one-time passcode (OTP) to connect. In some cases they may encounter technical issues with the code being delivered to their mailbox, in which case it is recommended to link their mail address to a Microsoft Account. This guide provides an overview of the steps to create a new Microsoft account linked to an email address.

Linking to a Microsoft account

Connect to the Microsoft sign up page:

Enter your organizational email address (e.g., in the Create account prompt and click Next

Create a new Microsoft account

Enter a password you would like to use with the new account. This password will be used to sign in when using a linked Microsoft account. Click Next.

Create a password

After setting a password you will be prompted to enter your name and birthdate. This is necessary to setup and verify the account.

To verify your identity a code will be sent to your mail address. Retrieve the code from your inbox and enter it in the field provided. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services.

Click Next.

Enter code and uncheck box

Before creating the account it is necessary to complete a challenge to verify you are not a bot. Click Next and solve the puzzle.

Not a bot

Once the puzzle has been solved you will receive the notification below. The screen will automatically refresh after a few seconds.

Verification complete

Before completing the process a notice from Microsoft will be displayed. Review the text and click Next.

Microsoft account notice

Your account has now been created and you will be signed in. You can choose to remain signed in or not.

Stay signed in?

Finally, you will be prompted to configure the security settings on your account. If you wish to so this now you can click Get Started otherwise you can click on the X to close the dialog.

Stay secure

You can connect to UNU SharePoint resources using the email address you were invited with via the newly created Microsoft account. For instructions on this process please reference this guide.