Campus Computing Centre

We are the technology arm of the United Nations University.

Our Services

From robust network security to cutting-edge AI-powered software solutions, UNU C3 helps UNU and UN partner agencies to unlock the full potential of technology.

ICT Infrastructure

Our infrastructure services are the backbone of the organization’s digital transformation. They are the foundation for our applications, data, and digital experiences. We follow a strategic approach to design, build, and maintain a dynamic ICT environment that support University’s mission.

Key characteristics of our modern ICT infrastructure services: Cloud-powered
Automation-driven, Security-focused. Performance-optimized, and
Scalability on-demand.

Digital Solutions and Integration

Our digital solutions overcome data silos and fragmented systems by creating a seamless flow of information. We achieve this by developing a deep understanding of business needs and challenges, leveraging a combination of approaches to deliver the most effective solution, including prebuilt and custom solutions, and applying seamless integration between IdP, applications, systems, and data sources. 

ICT Consulting

Our ICT consulting services help partner UN agencies to optimize, secure, and manage their ICT infrastructure, develop data-driven strategies and solutions to improve decision-making, and stay ahead of the curve with expert guidance on implementing the latest ICT solutions for a competitive edge.

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